Are successful people just lucky?

We often hear the saying “everything they touch turns to gold”.  So does this mean successful people are lucky or have they worked hard and smart?

Lately I have had the worst problems with anything electrical (including all work computers).  I felt like everything I touched turned to stone and it made me feel unlucky with everything in life (silly I know).  So, I started to look around at successful people and find out what makes them tick.

One thing I can guarantee is that the saying “Good things come to those who wait” does not apply to successful people.  They don’t hang around waiting for luck or success to come their way.  They go out and find it.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?  Just go out and look and work hard then success will come your way.  Well I wish it was that easy.  The world would be full of successful people and everyone would have smiles on their faces (or so the stereotype goes).

We all know of people who do go out and work hard.  They are not afraid to have two or three jobs going at once.  There are those who are willing to knock on any door looking for work and will never give up.  So, why are some of these people still struggling to pay the bills?  Why do some of these people still look like they never have a reason to smile?

Everyday when I take my daughter to daycare my newish commodore pales in comparison to the new Audis and Maseratis and Mercedes.  So, have these people been more successful or are their debts just higher – another thing to consider.

So let’s assume success is doing something you enjoy getting up for each day and having a comfortable lifestyle without a huge stressful debt.  How do you get there? Luck? Right place, right time? Hard work? Let’s find out.

1. Have a plan

I have never seen a house built without a plan.  You can’t just decide where you are going to start and make it up as you go along.  This is the same with being successful.  You can’t just say “by the end of 2014 I will own 4 investment properties” without having any plan on how to reach this goal.  SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE PLANS.

2. Make sure you have your networks set up

We have all heard the saying “It’s who you know not what you know”.  Well there is some truth to this.  By mixing with people in the area you want to build success in (let’s say property investment) you will have a greater chance of success.  These networks help you to achieve your goals and can provide knowledge, skills and opportunities.  SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE GOOD NETWORKERS.

 3. Read all you can

Every spare moment you have read (for example) property investment books, magazines and websites/emails. Devour all you can.  Knowledge is definitely wealth.  SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE READ AND STAY UP TO DATE.

4. Don’t do it all yourself

building-the-bridge-to-successOne thing successful people do is delegate.  They wouldn’t have climbed to the top if they had tried to carry the backpack, 10 litre water bottle, tents, maps, food etc (you get the picture).  You need to get others to work with you.  So, going back to property investing, speak to those who know the property hotspots, find agents in specific areas  to do the looking for you, have a good financial adviser to direct you, make sure you have an expert finance broker to help you get the finance.  You need a team to build success. DELEGATE AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

 5. A setback is not a reason to give up

You have set your goals, made a plan, read, researched, set up a network and you still suffer a setback.  You are not alone.  All successful people have suffered setbacks and failure.  The difference is they didn’t give up.  They paused, looked at the situation, learnt from it and kept moving forward. Giving up is for the unsuccessful. LEARN FROM SETBACKS AND MOVE ON.

 6. Stay on track

It is no good having a goal and a plan without reviewing them regularly.  Keep reminding yourself where you are going and how you are going to get there.  Also, be prepared for change if necessary.  All great plans need tweaking at times so do this if necessary.  One great way to keep focused is to have a picture, or short statement of your goal, written up where you can see it daily. STAY MOTIVATED, STAY DETERMINED.

If you follow these steps then success will come your way.  Remember though – successful people didn’t become successful overnight.  Determination and perseverance kept them moving through their plan. Do the same and you can be a success too.

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