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Business Finance

We started out helping Business owners like yourself with their business finance needs.  As a Small or Medium sized business owner, we understand that you have a very unique set of circumstances as no two businesses are ever the same.  It’s this knowledge that ensures that we take the time to understand your business and those individual needs, prior to arranging and structuring any finance that you may require.

Over the years, we’ve assisted hundreds of business owners and this experience has exposed us to virtually every possible financing scenario possible.  We’ve also developed an extensive network of lenders who provide funding in the SME market segment.  Many of these are specialised lenders that offer competitive offerings that are superior to what the banks offer or who may be able to assist you when the bank says no.

As we’re assisting clients on a daily basis, we know what you should be paying for your finance.  This enables us to negotiate not only the best rates but also the best terms for your business.  If the market is unable to assist you with your financing requirements, we’ll let you know quickly and also provide you with guidance as to what’s required to obtain the funding that you are seeking.

If you’re a business owner with multiple entities obtaining finance can be a very time consuming and frustrating process.  Our skill and experience in assisting clients similar to yourself will allow you to save time and focus on what you do best, managing and growing your business!

What We Can Help You With

Equipment Finance

Regardless of whether your business is in a start up phase, growth phase or a consolidation phase, there is a strong chance that you will always have a requirement for capital.

Often that need is felt most when the business suddenly requires new equipment, either to continue growing, or to replace old equipment to increase your productivity.

Our Equipment Finance solutions help satisfy these needs and allows you to retain your current capital resources to be more effectively utilised within your business.

Our experience allows us to quickly analyse your position and to place your funding requirement with the most appropriate lender. We will attain terms that are in your favour, saving you valuable time and money immediately and in the future.

Commercial Mortgage Finance

Unlike, residential property financing, the policies between lenders vary significantly, as do the rates and the terms.  Add on to this the number of different types of properties that fall under the Commercial Property category and you’ll start to understand the complexity of this market.

Over the years we’ve developed a network of lenders that specialise in Commercial property finance.  These lenders, including the banks, all have different appetites for different types of securities.  They also all have different servicing guidelines which can dramatically influence your chances of obtaining an approval for your finance.

Commercial Bills

Need a cash injection for your business.

Commercial Bill Facilities provide your business with sort or long term finance to help your business grow.

1. Multiple bill facility arrangements

2. Manage your exposure to interest rate movements

3. Numerous repayment options

4. Flexible security options

Term Loans

A term loan is a loan with a choice of fixed or variable interest rates and flexible repayment options over a set period of time.

A term loan gives you certainty. Choose the amount, term, and repayment options to suit you.

Features of a term loan:

– Fixed or variable interest rates

– Secured or unsecured

– Principal and interest or interest only repayments

– Loans for up to 25 years

– Fixed Rate Lock available

Factoring/Debtor Finance

If your business has cash flow issues and you don’t have the assets or the ability to get bank funding, you may want to consider debtor finance.

Debtor finance is a way to fund your business by using outstanding invoices to get finance. Instead of waiting for invoices to be paid, a finance provider will give you immediate access to a percentage of the invoice as a line of credit in return for a fee. This can be an effective way for both small and large businesses to get working capital and to remove the cash flow issues that can be caused by slow-paying invoices.

Unlike traditional business loans, debtor finance gives you access to capital without having to use an asset as collateral against the loan or having to meet strict lending requirements.

As debtor finance is a form of business line of credit, you may also be charged interest on the finance you use.

Self Managed Superannuation Finance

Why invest in property via a superannuation fund?

There a number of benefits as to why investing in property via a Superfund should be considered a part of an overall investment strategy…

1. To provide diversification to your superannuation fund.

2.To provide leverage to your superannuation fund.

3. To take control of your own funds.

4. Taxation benefits and flexibility.

5. Preserve after tax cash income.

Overdraft Facilities

An overdraft facility linked to your everyday transaction account is an unsecured line of credit designed to cover short-term cash flow shortfalls.

We’ve all been there, when the bills are due and payday hasn’t come around yet. Overdrafts come in handy when you need to proactively manage these common cash flow situations.

Where an overdraft facility is not arranged in advance, banks charge what is known as an “account overdrawn fee” when your balance goes below zero.

Trade Finance

rade Finance or Supply Chain Finance refers to finance that is used to finance the trade of goods or services. Trade Finance can be used to describe financing of imports or purchases or alternatively to describe the financing of exports.

Trade finance is a form of working capital finance. It is used to bridge the funding gap between the borrower buying their stock and selling their goods to their customer.

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