Ever Wondered What Your Property Is Worth?

“The house you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today” (Koki Adasi)

Have you ever looked at a property and then spent hours trawling the internet comparing prices to see if the property is worth the price? Well stop wasting time and call us for a Comparative Market Report.

A Comparative Market Report (CMA) will give you an Appraisal Price for the property by using a number of different indicators to form a value on that property.  These indicators compare properties with similar features, size and the same location as your property.

This information is not only vital when buying a property but also if you’re thinking about selling your property or wanting a loan increase.

BUYING: By getting a CMA on a property you’re considering buying will ensure you don’t pay too much for the property and also provides information on rental prices if you’re considering buying for investment purposes.

SELLING: By putting your property on the market at too high a price or too low a price will not be beneficial to your success.  A CMA will let you know a fair market price for your area and your type of property.  You want to ensure your property sells but also don’t want to give the property away.

LOAN INCREASE:  A loan increase will allow you to use the equity in your property to buy an investment property or use the funds to renovate your property.  A CMA will let you know if a loan increase would be a viable option before going down the path of putting in a formal increase application.

Capital Funding Group can provide you with a Comparative Market Report at no cost. This is a huge savings and will also save you time as we can email the report to you.

Contact us now.