modern business unitWhether you’re a Business owner looking to purchase a premise from which to operate your business or a professional property investor looking to expand your portfolio, Commercial Property finance can be confusing.  Unlike, residential property financing, the policies between lenders vary significantly, as do the rates and the terms.  Add on to this the number of different types of properties that fall under the Commercial Property category and you’ll start to understand the complexity of this market.

Over the years we’ve developed a network of lenders that specialise in Commercial property finance.  These lenders, including the banks, all have different appetites for different types of securities.  They also all have different servicing guidelines which can dramatically influence your chances of obtaining an approval for your finance.

We’ve been able to provide some of our greatest savings to our clients in this market, either from a simple loan restructure to a complete refinance.  If you’re considering investing in commercial property, or even if you’re an existing property owner, give us a call.  We know that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what options may be available to you.

Following is a list of some of the Commercial properties that we’ve assisted clients with:

  • Childcare centres
  • Gymnasiums
  • Management rights
  • Retail strips
  • Shopping centres
  • Office complexes
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Vacant Land
  • Storage sheds
  • Cinemas
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Student Accommodation
  • Churches
  • Medical centres
  • Petrol Stations
  • Convention centres
suburban shopping center under construction

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