Toy truck with moneyRegardless of whether your business is in a start up phase, growth phase or a consolidation phase, there is a strong chance that you will always have a requirement for capital.

Often that need is felt most when the business suddenly requires new equipment, either to continue growing, or to replace old equipment to increase your productivity.

Our Equipment Finance solutions help satisfy these needs and allows you to retain your current capital resources to be more effectively utilised within your business.

Our experience allows us to quickly analyse your position and to place your funding requirement with the most appropriate lender. We will attain terms that are in your favour, saving you valuable time and money immediately and in the future.

Our consultants will assist you in structuring your finance to maximize your entitled tax deductions and matching the cash flow of your business.

Some of the equipment that we have assisted our clients in attaining funding for are listed below:

  • Computers
  • Furniture
  • Phone Systems
  • Office and Shop fit-outs
  • Artwork
  • Security systems
  • Cranes
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Laundry Systems
  • Kitchens
  • Livestock
  • Racehorses
  • Photocopiers
  • Drilling and Mining equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • CCTV systems

As the above indicates, all types of equipment can be financed. Different lenders fund different types of equipment.

Below are some examples of the type of finance available.  However, the finance best for your business will depend on the type of equipment being financed and the business structure.


* No equity needed – 100% funded.
* Repayments are usually fully tax deductible.
* Equipment owned by the lender and leased to you.
* You have the option of buying the equipment at the end of the lease for the Residual value.


* Option of 100% funding or include equity to suit your needs.
* You have ownership of equipment upon final payment.
* Will get GST back quarterly as it is built into the purchase price.


* Interest and depreciation may be claimed.
* Equipment is owned by you – the borrower.
* Get GST back upfront as GST is built into the purchase price.
* Tailor repayments to suit your cash flow by structuring the repayments with or without a balloon payment at the end of the term of the loan.


* Gives the flexibility to upgrade or add equipment during the term.
* No residual so equipment in good working order can be returned at the end of the contract.
* No ownership commitment.

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