hand drawing houseOnce upon a time, if you needed Residential Property Finance to get your first home your only option was to march down to the Bank that you deposited your hard earned wages into, dressed in your Sunday finest, and beg the Bank Manager to provide you with the funding.  If he liked what he saw, and your figures stacked up, then you got the loan, on the terms that he wanted.  Thankfully, those days have changed!

The home loan market is now a totally different beast with an ever increasing number of lenders offering a huge number of loan products packed with different features and capabilities.  Many loans are designed for specific types of borrowers and ascertaining whether a loan is suitable for your individual needs can be daunting to even the experienced property purchaser.

Our experience and processes will ensure that we understand your needs.  We will then set about to not only finding you the best home loan product to meet these needs but also teaching you how to use that product to your benefit and in the process create wealth.

First Home Owner

As a First Home Owner the process of purchasing your first property can be very confusing and stressful.  Suddenly you’re exposed to a whole new world of foreign terms and very important deadlines.  Add to this the complexity of the First Home Owners Grant and the stress keeps building.   Perhaps you need a guarantee from a family member to assist you in obtaining the loan or to just reduce the Mortgage Insurance expense that you’d prefer not to pay.  This brings in a further layer of complexity and time issues.  It’s enough to make a seasoned professional shake, let alone a first timer.

We understand what lies ahead for you and it’s why we take the extra time to help you through the process.  To us, it’s not only about obtaining the most suitable mortgage, but it’s also about leading you through the process with the minimum amount of stress.

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Home Loans for the self employed

You’d think that running your own business would make it easier to qualify for a home loan. Unfortunately this is not the situation as you may have already experienced.  As a business owner you’ll find that the policies are substantially different to those of a PAYG applicant.  Further to this, it’s your responsibility as a business owner to ensure that you legally structure your affairs to ensure you minimise the amount of tax that you pay, it’s one of the benefits of being self employed.  Unfortunately, this often results in your assessable income not being sufficient to qualify for a loan.

Arranging loans for the self employed is an area that we consider ourselves experts in.  A large percentage of our client base are Self Employed or Business Owners because we get results for them.  We’ve come from an Accounting and Taxation background, so we understand how Financial Statements and Tax Returns are prepared by your accountant.  This experience enables us to provide your actual income figures as opposed to your assessable income figures – often meaning the difference between obtaining the loan or not.  We also understand the various policies of the lenders towards the Self Employed and they differ significantly from one another.

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