The Man Cave Has Gone Beyond the Garage

Once upon a time the man cave was made up of just the garage or the basement or the outside shed.  However, in Florida, the man cave has gone beyond the garage and has taken over many rooms in the house.

For those with a cool $35 million to spare, you can purchase the property in Boca Raton, Florida from  American banker and businessman Marc Bell (former CEO of Penthouse, Producer of Jersey Boys).

bellhouse5From the outside you could be mistaken for thinking this is just another mansion with marble floors and sweeping staircases.  However, once inside you will find some rooms that go beyond the ordinary.



bellhouse10Firstly there is the theatre that will definitely attract Star Trek fans with the entrance door even have the same “whoosh” sound from the movie. I bet there would be a fight over who sits at the control panel too.



bellhouse9All Sci Fi lovers will immediately be drawn to this room and likely feel the positive, calm vibes coming from Yoda.




Or there is the games room with just a few choices to while away the hours.



bellhouse4Then when your day is done you can believe you are a pirate and head to bed.



I’m sure the interest in this property will be great for people watching.  We’ll keep you updated on the final sale price.  In the meantime check out all the rooms in the house.