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Property Finance

For more than 30 years we’ve been in business and assisted hundreds of people with property finance to acquire their dream home, develop property portfolios and purchase commercial properties to allow them to grow their businesses.

Every client has different property finance needs and circumstances and we consider it vitally important that we take the time to understand what yours are.  Once we’ve achieved this, we then set about finding the most suitable product and lender to meet your requirements and then structure the facility to meet your needs.

Once upon a time, if you needed finance to purchase your first home, your only option was to march down to the bank that you deposited your hard earned wages into, dressed in your Sunday finest, and beg the Manager to provide you with the funding.  If he liked what he saw, and your figures stacked up, then you got the loan, on the terms that he wanted.  Thankfully, those days have changed!

The home loan market is now a totally different beast with an ever-increasing number of lenders offering a huge number of loan products packed with different features and capabilities.  Many loans are designed for specific types of borrowers and ascertaining whether a loan is suitable for your individual needs can be daunting to even the experienced property purchaser.

Our experience and processes will ensure that we understand your needs.  We will then set about to not only finding you the best home loan product to meet these needs but also teaching you how to use that product to your benefit and in the process create wealth.

Below you will find the many ways that we can assist with your property finance needs.

Owner Occupier

As a First Home Owner the process of purchasing your first property can be very confusing and stressful. Suddenly you’re exposed to a whole new world of foreign terms and very important deadlines. Add to this the complexity of the current Government Grants and the stress just keeps building.

We understand what lies ahead for you and it’s why we take the extra time to help you through the process. To us, it’s not only about obtaining the most suitable mortgage, but it’s also about leading you through the process with the minimum amount of stress.


Refinancing your home loan is another term for mortgage swapping. With refinancing you could stay with you current lender but change to loan products or you can move to a different lender, who will take over your existig mortgage.

There are advantages to refinancing your home loan:

  • Saving money
  • Borrowing more
  • Restructuring
  • Consolidating debts

Property Investment

Property Development

Commercial Property

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

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