A collection of icons of buildings. Vector illustrationSome people don’t realise the tax benefits associated with an investment property.  It is important that the loan be set up correctly to gain the maximum benefits.

At Capital Funding Group we have helped hundreds of clients to find the most suitable property investment loan to meet their needs and gain the most benefit financially.

Features of loans available include:

•Principal & Interest or Interest Only
•Variable or Fixed Interest
•A choice of Repayment methods and frequency
•Internet & Telephone Access
•Redraw ability
•Split loans
•Cheque book
•Vacant Land/Construction facility
•First Home Owners Grant

Your employment status can be a deciding factor when choosing the most suitable loan – whether you are PAYG or self-employed.

For Self-Employed or Company borrowers, the type of loan you choose will depend mostly on what financials you can provide. Contact us and we can discuss this basis on your individual circumstances.

Contact us now to discuss your situation.